Professional Development Grant - How to Apply

Professional Development Grants - How to Apply

Eligibility - Who Can Apply

To be eligible, Fellows must have completed their Fellowship year. Professional Development Grants are for Fellows who are professionally employed or continuing their graduate studies that focus on improvement of environmental quality.

How to Apply

A preliminary phone conversation with the Program Director is advised before submitting a written request. Requests for Professional Development Grants may be made to the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation at any time using the Application form. Written requests need not be more than 1-2 pages and must include the following information requested on the application form:

  • Name and contact information for Fellow, including email address;
  • Job Title and Employer;
  • General responsibilities of current position;
  • Description of specific professional development opportunity for which funds are being sought. Include dates, location and Fellow's role at the event (participant, presenter, attendee);
  • Explanation of how participation in the event will advance the Fellow's career and what is the "learning agenda" for the event – i.e., your own learning and professional goals for this event;
  • Cost of professional development opportunity and amount of funds sought from Switzer Foundation for this purpose; and
  • Degree to which Fellow or his/her organization will fund the Fellow's participation in the activity. Indicate sources of other funding to cover costs.

An Application Form may be downloaded here.

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