Climate Beneficial Agricultural Director


San Geronimo, CA,


Rebecca Burgess
Executive Director

Project Description: 

Fibershed is a national organization with headquarters in North Central California. Our organization manages a series of research and communications projects focused on rebuilding and in some cases building anew our region’s Climate Beneficial fiber and natural dye systems. We work directly and collaborate with fiber and food producers and artisans who span 51 counties from the Oregon border to San Luis Obispo, from the Sierra foothills to the Pacific Ocean. Our national affiliate program collaborates with organizers of 50 Fibershed communities who are working to develop regional fiber and dye systems in their home geographies. Learn more at

The Climate Beneficial Agriculture Director (CBAD) is a new role that has been designed from data gathered from a needs-based assessment—including interviews and surveys of our organization’s members. The CBAD will collaborate directly with farmers, ranchers, contract grazers, collaborating technical service providers (biologists, NRCS staff, Agricultural Extension Offices), researchers, policy makers, and Universities to oversee and manage the execution of climate change ameliorating land-based projects within Fibershed’s member based Producer Program. The CBAD will report directly to the organization’s Executive Director and will work collaboratively with our
communications, policy, and general operations staff.

The CBAD would oversee a series of projects including primary management of Fibershed’s Citizen Science Soil Carbon Protocol (in collaboration with University of California Davis); Carbon Farm Planning on small holder producer landscapes (training for Carbon Farm Planning will be provided); project management and verification of
Carbon Farm implementation; oversight and execution of peer-to-peer farmer and rancher workshops; the aggregation and preparation of working landscapes focused green house gas data—including the utilization and management of Fibershed’s backend database where Carbon Farm implementation verification and green house gas modeling is currently stored. The CBAD’s understanding of the producer landscape and the direct role of soil carbon sequestration on our region’s working lands will inform and guide Fibershed’s private sector advocacy and public sector policy efforts that bridge the delta between rural economic development, restoration of our agricultural soils, and climate change amelioration. Over the course of the next five years our organization aims to provide a refined understanding of the carbon cycle impact of our region’s integrated fiber and food systems to amplify the cultural, political and economic impact of this work.

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