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Siddarth Thakur
Program Director

Project Description: 

Organizational Overview

The Climate Solutions Collaborative (C2C) is a joint initiative of Confluence Philanthropy and CREO Syndicate, which brings together more than 70 leading philanthropists and family offices who represent more than $50B in assets under management, all committed to addressing climate change, and fosters investments in solutions. C2C
draws on established networks to advance cooperation among institutional investors, private asset owners, and their managers and focuses on mobilizing significant investment capital to accelerate the transition to a clean and more sustainable global economy and society. 

Position Location

Confluence Philanthropy has offices in Oakland, California and New York City. The Fellowship position could be based in either of these locations, but a remote working arrangement is also acceptable.

The mission of C2C is to stimulate sustained action in climate-related investment among philanthropies and family offices. The partnership between investment and grantmaking can be a powerful and catalytic force to unleash private and public financing for climate strategies. C2C supports this relationship in two ways: by bridging the disconnect between grantmaking and investment strategy in the foundation community; and by coordinating the foundation and family office communities to deploy capital that supports pro-active climate solutions. Ultimately, C2C seeks to bring market-based climate solutions to scale and to make the field of climate investing more connective, active, and effective. 

C2C’s goal is to mobilize at least $3B in private investment capital for climate solutions by 2025 by supporting our members, assessing the field, promoting investor education and connectivity and engaging in policy when appropriate.

Objectives & Project Scope

C2C is a nimble organization with a lean team, but with tremendous opportunity for leverage and impact in climate solutions investing. C2C is seeking a Switzer Fellow for a one-year engagement to focus on conducting a landscape assessment of the state of philanthropic and family office investment capital in climate solutions. We see this as one of the most important projects needed to advance our goals and those of the philanthropic community interested in investing in solutions to address climate change. A comprehensive assessment of the current state of philanthropic and family office investment in climate solutions is a critical missing piece in the community. Increased transparency around what capital is flowing and where gaps lie, coupled with strategic communications around this landscape, will help institutions better understand their unique role and the opportunities that exist for investment. We expect this to serve as a tool to help unlock capital that may not have otherwise been invested to solve the climate problem.

We are seeking a Switzer Fellow to lead the development of this landscape assessment in partnership with C2C leadership, through the following activities:

  • Engage directly with asset owners in the Confluence Philanthropy and CREO community to develop a baseline of the current state of investment in climate solutions across sectors and asset classes.
  • Work with Confluence Philanthropy Advisor Members to map the current opportunity set for climate solutions investing. This may include tracking deal-flow, identifying gaps and opportunities in the current landscape and gathering information on new products and approaches being developed.
  • Serve as the lead researcher and author of the final published resource, and develop additional content as needed.
  • Take a lead role in presenting the findings of the research to the C2C and Confluence Philanthropy community through convenings, online recordings, and one-on-one engagements.


The ideal Fellow has a background in climate finance, impact investing and/or related fields. Candidates having a background in climate policy or environmental studies with some knowledge about the investment field would also be a good fit.

Contact Siddharth Thakur, Program Director at Confluence Philanthropy at to learn more and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Spotlight on Leadership

We have a number of Fellows leading in Sonoma County, working to understand the impacts of climate change at a micro level and develop solutions to improve local resiliency to climate change impacts that could be rolled out nationally.Read more >

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