Architecture & Urban Planning Leadership Stories

Are you a homeowner, interested in finding ways to make your home or investment property more sustainable? Then listen to Beverly Craig (1994) discuss lessons learned from six years working on improving the water and energy performance of multifamily affordable housing with Homeowner's Rehab ,...Read more >
Los Angeles, California, is one of the biggest transportation in the world, but that has major health implications for residents. Exposure to diesel fumes has an impact on everyone, and Switzer Fellow Scott Fruin documents those effects, especially on children.Read more >
It is estimated that shipping produces 4 to 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. In most cases, these ships are powered by diesel fuel. On today's report we learn about an innovative California technology aimed at reducing this pollution. 2007 Switzer Fellow Francisco Donez is an...Read more >
We usually think of hospitals as a beacon of health, but they can have an impact on workers and patients.Read more >
Housing developers are always looking to improve their bottom line. Homeowner's Rehab, , a small nonprofit that owns over 1,000 units of affordable housing in Cambridge, Massachusetts, goes about this in a unique and sustainable way. They "green" their portfolio by installing energy...Read more >
How can we ensure the water that runs off our driveways and parking lots is safe for the environment? 2009 Switzer Fellow Brenda Zollitsch works with municipalities to address pollution that impacts waterways.Read more >
Stuart Cohen co-founded TransForm in 1997 to promote world class transit and walkable, affordable communities. Since then TransForm has united diverse coalitions and developed effective, implementable proposals that advance an environmental, social equity and public health agenda in the Bay Area...Read more >
How does urban sprawl and highway expansion impact the environment and the quality of life? That question is being addressed by TransForm, a coalition of environmental, social justice and public health groups in the San Francisco Bay Area.Read more >
By 2015, more than 15.5 million Americans 65 and older will live in communities where public transportation service is poor or non-existent. Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of TransForm and 1996 Switzer Fellow, talks about a new report entitled Fixing the Mobility Crisis Threatening the Baby Boom...Read more >
Switzer Fellow Carol Tucker, who manages the New England Brownfields Program for the US Environmental Protection Agency, explains how brownfields offer major opportunities for community development and revitalization.Read more >

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