Advocating for World-class Transportation and Walkable Communities

Posted by Lauren Hertel on Thursday, January 5 2012


Stuart Cohen co-founded TransForm in 1997 to promote world class transit and walkable, affordable communities. Since then TransForm has united diverse coalitions and developed effective, implementable proposals that advance an environmental, social equity and public health agenda in the Bay Area -- and increasingly throughout California. Stuart spearheaded the successful campaign for the Bay Area’s smart growth visioning process in 1998, the first regional blueprint in California. Since 2000 TransForm has played a leading role in shaping and promoting Regional Transportation Plans and new funding measures that have brought over $8 billion for public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, including the 2004 bridge toll increase for public transit. TransForm’s new Invest in Transit campaign is working to replicate that success at a state level.

Stuart helped conceive and launch both the Great Communities Collaborative, a diverse partnership engaging Bay Area communities in planning, and ClimatePlan, a powerful network promoting smart land use and transportation statewide. In 2010 Stuart was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship for TransForm’s innovative programs, including GreenTRIP, which certifies and promotes model developments that dramatically reduce car trips, excess parking, and climate emissions while promoting more affordable homes. TransForm is based in Oakland with offices in Sacramento and San Jose.

Previously, Stuart worked with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability as a researcher on the climate impacts of transportation policies, and at NYPIRG as a Statewide Outreach Director. Stuart received a Master's Degree in Public Policy (MPP) from the Goldman School of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley.


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