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Posted by Lissa Widoff on Monday, February 3 2014


Lissa Widoff

Recently, amidst the flutter of grassroots and policy activism to prevent the proliferation of genetically engineered foods in our food supply, a few friends and family members queried me on Facebook about the pros and cons of GE and GMOs.  Their perception is that this widespread technology seems to be inevitable and in our best interest. So, if I am raising an alarm sound, as a trusted friend, what can I offer to back up the claims of concern?

Besides the growing number of states facing GMO labeling bills, including one that passed in Maine but which won’t take effect unless neighboring New England states all sign on (CT has passed one), there are efforts on many fronts examining the unintended consequences of these technologies. Based on the productive query to the Switzer Fellowship Network and Board here is a listing of sources that offer links to scientific evidence and studies that support claims of concern about the use of GMOS and GE from a biological, ecological, agricultural and human health perspective. Let us know if you have additional websites or links that are of general interest to help us keep of friends, families and colleagues informed with the best available science and information. Thanks to all of you who contributed.

GMO Labeling Legislation: Maine  (passed), Washington State (failed)

Articles and specific papers:

Nature article on GMO crops – articulates debate and opposing claims

Grist did a series of articles, although does not directly criticize GMOs

National Academy of Sciences (2002) Environmental Effects of Transgenic Plants – Its a little old, but the arguments about ecological risks are largely the same.

ESA Report (2005) – Genetically Engineered Organisms and the Environment: Current Status and Recommendations

Science based NGOs with GMO expertise and/or published links to scientific info:

Union of Concerned ScientistsGenetic Engineering in Agriculture (and has in-house staff expertise)

Center for Food SafetyMyths and Realities of GE Crops

Food and Water Watch

The Organic CenterSummary of GMO issues/research

Tbe Non-GMO project

Earth Open Source

GMO Seralini – compiled research and news about Seralini studies on GE corn, Roundup interactions, etc.

Institute for Responsible Technology

PBS Documentary Harvest of Fear

Book:Tomorrow’s Table: Organic Farming, Genetics and the Future of Food


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