Building a Network for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement in Conservation (Switzer Foundation Webinar Series)

Posted by Lauren Hertel on Monday, September 10 2012


Sarah Reed

Leadership grantee Sarah Reed (Associate Conservation Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society) and her colleague Lindsay Ex (Environmental Planner, City of Fort Collins) discussed their effort to build a collaborative learning network for practitioners engaged in conservation development.

Conservation development (CD) is an approach to the design, construction, and stewardship of a development that achieves functional protection for natural resources while also generating social and economic benefits for human communities. Successfully implementing and managing CD projects requires connecting diverse groups of professionals, including land use planners, developers, real estate agents, homeowners, and conservation experts.

Specifically, they:

  • Discussed results of semi-structured interviews with 30 leading planning, development and conservation practitioners regarding their needs for further resources and opportunities to collaborate on conservation-oriented development projects; and
  • Explored ideas for how to increase knowledge transfer and collaborations among traditionally disparate professional disciplines and envision alternative models of residential development.

Originally broadcast: September 10, 2012.

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