California Spring Retreat and Study Tour

Posted by Erin Lloyd on Monday, November 8 2010


The Central Valley region of California is at the center of several critical environmental management, agriculture and water policy issues and will be the focus of the Spring 2011 California Switzer Fellowship Network Spring Retreat and Study Tour. The annual spring retreat is an opportunity for Switzer Fellows and environmental colleagues to examine a critical environmental issue from an interdisciplinary perspective, showcase the work of Fellows addressing the issue and to share expertise and creative exchange among Fellows and colleagues working on these issues.

During the two day retreat, the study tour will examine:

  • the implications of the upcoming CA DWR Flood Management Plan for the Central Valley and ecological restoration opportunities and efforts underway in the San Joaquin Valley and related efforts in the “delta”.
  • The interplay between the nationally significant agricultural industry, land use demands for housing and commercial development, water quality and health impacts of the industry on local communities and strategies for improving food security and drinking water safety among workers in the region.

Switzer Fellows and colleagues will present in-depth perspectives on challenges and opportunities facing the region, the industries and stakeholders involved and how communities are responding.  Fellows working on water policy, river restoration science, agriculture and food security, environmental justice and ecosystem and public health will find this of particular interest, but all Fellows are invited and encouraged to attend.

Registration information will be posted as soon as details are finalized.

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