GreenTRIP: Great Access, Deep Affordability with Switzer Fellow Stuart Cohen (Switzer Foundation Webinar Series)

Posted by Lauren Hertel on Thursday, January 12 2012


Stu Cohen

Walkable, transit-oriented communities are seen as an antidote to unfettered sprawl.  But outdated city codes vastly overestimate how much people drive and require excessive parking in these transit areas, especially for low-income families and seniors.  This leads to oversize parking lots, fewer and more expensive homes, bad design and community opposition.  GreenTRIP ( is an innovative certification program that is overcoming these barriers and ensuring it goes one step further; getting developers to include free transit passes, car share and other strategies to make truly low-carbon, affordable developments that are embraced by the community.

Learn about GreenTRIP’s success and TransForm’s plans to bring it to scale to improve development in California and eventually the country. Join Switzer Fellow Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of TransForm, and Ann Cheng, GreenTRIP Program Director for this informative and inspiring webinar.

Read a follow-up article that addresses questions raised during the webinar about provisional parking and carshare arrangements.

Originally broadcast: January 11, 2012

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