Development of a National Climate Adaptation Forum: Action Today for a Better Tomorrow

Posted by Amber Pairis on Monday, July 23 2012

A team of Switzer fellows led by Lara Hansen and I are interested in developing the first national conference and professional development event around climate change adaptation and are seeking the input of other Switzer fellows.  Because climate change adaptation is an emerging field with practitioners from varied disciplines many practitioners often work in isolation as they push forward to integrate climate change adaptation into their respective organizations. While many professional societies are expanding to include climate adaptation as part of their dialogue we recognize that this does not achieve a critical mass for networking and professional development. The kind of meeting that we are proposing is unique in its focus on bringing together practitioners from a wide array of federal, state, and local government with NGO, industry, private and academic institutions that don’t always have opportunities for cross pollination of ideas and experiences.  This is truly a cross sector collaborative endeavor that brings a wide range of practitioners into a forum to support information exchange, professional development, and opportunities to create new and innovative partnerships that are essential to addressing the myriad of challenges associated with climate change.

 We have already done extensive “market research” by contact federal, state and local government agencies, NGOs, and academics to gauge interest in such an event. Everyone has recognized the need an indicated interest. To date we have a list of over 40 people interested in helping to make the meeting happen and want to expand this to our fellow Switzer family for input and participation. 

We look forward to your ideas!

Best, Amber and Lara

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Inward, spiritual dimensions

I'd be interested in this, as well, to talk about the inward, spiritual dimensions of adaptation as well. I had the opportunity this morning to be a guest on New Hampshire Public Radio talking about exactly this:

Thanks for the enthusiastic response!

Thanks for the enthusiastic response! Lara and I will be in touch to let you know how the concept is developing and how you can be a part of this collaborative effort.Cheers! Amber

Legal approaches to climate change adaptation

I just organized a conference and call for papers on legal approaches to climate change adaptation. The conference was held in February and the presentations can be viewed at: The articles have recently been published in a special issue of the Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal and are available at: I would be interested in helping you organize this conference (if you need assistance) and would love to attend if possible. Thanks for the opportunity. It sounds like it will be a useful and itneresting conference.cheers,Syma

Interactive simulations on climate adaptation and mitigation

Please include me and us. We develop interactive simulations on climate adaptation and mitigation. We also conduct online capacity building in these areas as well as in our "systems thinking and modeling" methods. Thank you for your leadership in these areas.Drew

Vulnerable communities

I'd love to hear more about this idea to figure out how I might be able to engage. I'm at Oxfam America working on international climate adaptation as well as focusing on vulnerable communities in the US. I also do wuite a bit of work with the private sector through coordination of PREP. I hope that your conference can place particular focus on vulnerable communities (it would also be good to know the geographic scope of the conference) and will engage the private and public sectors. I assume that you've connected with the Georgetown Climate Center, ACCO, Clean Air-Cool Planet, TNC, NWF, and other state and municipal level officials. It would also be important to reach out to the Kresge Foundation. Looking forward to hearing more, Heather

Mediterranean Cities Climate Change Consortium

Please add me and my organization to the list of interested people. We just held the first ever international conference for Mediterranean Cities on climate change adaptation and have initiated the Mediterranean Cities Climate Change Consortium (MC4). We have made some very solid connections with California and international partners and we would love to expand our partnerships/skills/knowledge. Great concept!Nancy Steele, Council for Watershed Health

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