Learn how filmmakers and conservationists connect people, nature and climate

Posted by Kristy Deiner on Monday, November 21 2011

Innovation Grant idea: Learn how filmmakers and conservationists connect people, nature and climate

Video is a powerful communication tool with a global reach. For example, An Inconvenient Truth (2006) generated much debate in the public arena while shedding light on conservation science for a mass audience. Since then, a digital revolution in the tools of video production and distribution has enabled virtually anyone to work in this medium. The work of conservation scientists and practitioners deserves the attention of the public. When their research findings and potential solutions to solve global problems are not shared in a format that can be easily accessed, conservationists and the general public misses out.

We would like to engage the Switzer Network in a full day of events surrounding the use of film to communicate. These events are already planned to happen at the Society for Conservation Biology meeting of the North American Section on July 17th, 2012 in Oakland California. Specifically, we are organizing a workshop and a networking event with filmmakers, producers, educators and production companies to learn about how to use film media in communication. These two events will be followed by a show case of films that are exemplary of collaborative process of filmmakers and conservation practitioners.

We want to gage the interest of Switzer Fellows in attending the workshop, networking and the film showcase. There are many ways that Switzer Fellows could be involved: (1) Help shape the events as they are still in the planning phases (2) participate in the day’s events, and (3) following the events, produce a publication or “how to” manual of how to use film in communication of conservation or environmental messages. This would be in collaboration with workshop attendees.

Please send an email to either Matt Hamilton (mhamilton(at)ucdavis.edu) or Kristy Deiner (kldeiner(at)ucdavis.edu) if you are interested. If so, mention in what way from list above or any other ideas you have, or if would like more information.

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Education component

Hi! I'd also love to participate in any of the mentioned ways, as I'll be at the conference. I also would like to suggest an education component to the workshop, talk about ways we can use film in the classroom to get students excited about environmental issues. Thanks and I look forward to the conference!

Very interesting

Very interesting. I also would love to be involved. I'm in San Francisco and certainly am able to help out in any way possible. My only media experience is years of black and white documentary photography (a long time ago), but have always been an avid consumer of media and realize that it has incredible potential to shape the future.Thanks for the idea!

Would love to come to workshop

Thanks for this idea, Kristy! I would love to come to this workshop. Since it's in the Bay Area, if you get into production and distribution questions, as well as technical questions, it might be interesting to consider bringing in someone from Impact Partners or Participant Media, to talk about how to move films broadly.

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