Foundation News Archives: October 2011

Nov 1, 2011
We recently shared tips and tricks gleaned from this year's retreat trainers to help you get your message out to the media and sound smart (instead of dull, preachy or overly technical!) in the process. Learn about communicating with journalists, making your science understandable to a lay...Read more >
Oct 23, 2011
The Switzer Foundation is stepping up its commitment to help Fellows communicate with the media and public about their science. This year's retreats featured excellent training sessions by COMPASS , the Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea, to teach attendees how to craft concise...Read more >
Oct 20, 2011
We believe LinkedIn offers our Fellows a significant opportunity to network for their careers. We sponsored a webinar and published a resource guide for the service earlier this year, and now we'd like to help you get fully connected to Switzer on LinkedIn in 3 easy steps and just 15 minutes !...Read more >

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