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Nov 19, 2013
I am excited to announce that this week, International Rivers published a new report titled An Introduction to Integrated Resources Planning . The report, written by 1999 Fellow Chris Greacen , Chom Greacen, David von Hippel, and David Bill, demonstrates the benefits of a comprehensive approach to...Read more >
Nov 18, 2013
About a month back I asked the Fellows list to recommend facilitation and conflict resolution training. I had just come back from the US EPA Green Infrastructure Summit in Syracuse, NY, where I had seen a facilitator do a truly amazing job. The summit included about 40-50 delegates seated around a...Read more >
Nov 15, 2013
Ask a Wall Street analyst and all but the most extreme contrarians will tell you that over the long run, the market is going to go up. Sure, over the last century there have been some downturns, and some flat periods of little growth, but if you invest over the long haul you are virtually guaranteed to make money. Now consider the question: Is the planet warming?Read more >
Nov 11, 2013
Being perceived as an advocate when you’re simply trying to provide information can undermine your effort. Being perceived as just sharing information when you’re trying to advocate a particular policy path would mean you’ve missed the mark.Read more >
Nov 6, 2013
The solution is to stop looking at social media as another platform you have to learn—yet another responsibility—and start seeing it for what it can be instead: a personal toolbox for improving your practice of leadership.Read more >
Nov 4, 2013
In October of this year I was fortunate to attend Bioneers in San Raphael, CA. While we know that Bioneers is a mecca for progressive leaders in sustainability, the sciences and design, I found the integration of practical solutions, the arts and a spiritual dimension to our connection with the...Read more >
Nov 4, 2013
The annual fall Switzer Fellowship retreats are a required activity for new Fellows and also a time to welcome new Fellows into the broader Switzer Fellowship Network community. This year, with 22 new Fellows and several alumni participating in programs, we had a stellar turnout at both retreats in...Read more >

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