Foundation News Archives: December 2013

Dec 10, 2013
By writing your thoughts into a blog post you improve your own understanding of your subject. Blogging is a form of active learning.Read more >
Dec 9, 2013
Reforming graduate education is grand challenge, but it’s a movement with serious momentum behind it. And improved communication skills is just one among many needs.Read more >
Dec 4, 2013
Proceed to retreat workshop descriptions and registration information!Read more >
Dec 4, 2013
The Switzer Foundation has been identifying environmental leaders for over 25 years and fostering shared learning on leadership topics as well as pressing environmental issues. Beginning with the Switzer Fellowship class of 2014, we will be bringing new leadership practices and trainers into our...Read more >
Dec 2, 2013
Coal contributes to 43 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it a major driver of climate change. In fact, a new statement released by leading scientists suggests that nearly three-quarters of fossil fuel reserves—especially coal—must remain unused if the world is to limit temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius.Read more >

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