Foundation News Archives: February 2014

Feb 12, 2014
You’ve just hung up the phone after a call with a Congressional staffer. After a wide-ranging conversation and some probing questions, the staffer invited you to be a witness at a Congressional hearing. You’ve even got the official letter signed by the Chair of the Committee. Now what?Read more >
Feb 6, 2014
A Network Innovation grant supported a special series of events on conservation filmmaking at the North America Congress of the Society of Conservation Biology. Fellows Tara Cornelisse, Kristy Deiner, Naomi Fraga, Matt Hamilton and Sarah Reed helped organize the events, titled “How Filmmakers...Read more >
Feb 4, 2014
Last week fourteen Switzer Fellows participated in our first networking conference call of 2014 on the topic of citizen science . One outcome of the call is that we have created a Citizen Science listserv, open to all Fellows, to continue the conversation around these topics ( see full list of...Read more >
Feb 3, 2014
Recently, amidst the flutter of grassroots and policy activism to prevent the proliferation of genetically engineered foods in our food supply, a few friends and family members queried me on Facebook about the pros and cons of GE and GMOs. Their perception is that this widespread technology seems...Read more >

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