Foundation News Archives: April 2014

Apr 14, 2014
On April 2, 2014, ten Switzer Fellows participated in our second networking conference call of 2014 on the topic of soft money in academia. Topics and strategies discussed on the call included: diminishing federal and state grant money available for research foundation funding increasing in...Read more >
Apr 14, 2014
Each and every one of us can lead, regardless of our position, level of authority or perceived leadership role. It is possible to influence the course of a collaborative effort or decision-making process simply by being curious, asking questions to illuminate subtle contrasting viewpoints that may...Read more >
Apr 9, 2014
While not everyone may be interested in your science at first, many people are interested in scientists, as your work seems…mysterious. What do you actually do? Why are you so devoted to it? They want to know what makes you tick. Even if your research can seem obscure, they are often eager to discover a new perspective on the world through your eyes.Read more >
Apr 1, 2014
Why isn’t a data-driven approach to science communication our default?Read more >

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