Foundation News Archives: December 2014

Dec 21, 2014
Paying attention to the twinned threats of climate change and species extinction requires ingenuity, cash, and nimble legal mechanisms. Two novel solutions—REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) and Biodiversity Offsetting—comprise potentially win-win solutions.Read more >
Dec 19, 2014
Colleen Callahan is now directing the Leaders in Sustainability graduate program at UCLA. The Leaders in Sustainability program aims to provide a mechanism for graduate students at UCLA to pursue their interests in sustainability and collaborate with students from different fields. Read moreRead more >
Dec 10, 2014
Much more goes into promoting a publication than simply writing a press release. Max Moritz is the lead author of a paper on coexisting with wildfire he believes holds real-world implications for people's health, safety, and financial well-being. He reached out to our communications training partner COMPASS and spent the last two weeks of October working with Liz Neeley to think through what he wanted to say.Read more >
Dec 8, 2014
The Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation joined 66 other foundations supporting the principles behind the EPA proposed rule to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.Read more >

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