Foundation News: Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

Feb 18, 2015
This time last year, Switzer Fellows participated in a citizen-science themed networking call touching on everything from program implementation, to evaluating the scientific rigor of data collected in such programs. Citizen science is a topic of burgeoning importance across many disciplines, as evidenced by the 2014 formation of a Citizen Science Association. In 2015, over 600 attendees from 25 countries participated in the Association’s inaugural conference, held February 11 and 12 in San Jose, CA.Read more >
Feb 14, 2015
With many companies in the goal-planning stage as they retire 2015 targets and set new ones, it is an appropriate time to evaluate our troubled relationship with carbon goals. Despite strong agreement within the scientific community that we need to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, Tim Greiner is not seeing goals that are bold enough to get us where we need to go.Read more >

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