Foundation News Archives: November 2015

Nov 30, 2015
There’s a lot on the line at the climate negotiations in Paris. Fellow Heather Coleman, among others, is there, working to make sure that whatever deal is made, that it’s a fair one for us all.Read more >
Nov 25, 2015
Brenda Zollitsch recently completed her report, Status and Trends Report on State Wetland Programs in the United States , which provides a comprehensive look at how states are approaching each of the four core elements for state wetland programs, including state summary documents, comparative data...Read more >
Nov 25, 2015
Traditionally, the divide between a for-profit or nonprofit organization was clear: for-profit businesses would engage in revenue generation and nonprofits would engage in charitable work to solve social issues and would largely stay away from revenue generation. The rise of social enterprises in recent years, however, has made that distinction less and less clear.Read more >
Nov 23, 2015
As a follow-up to the recent training at the fall California retreat, that will be complemented by a similar training in Boston in March, I want to share a list of resources that we developed in the process of our our self-education about strategies and resources for organizations and individuals...Read more >
Nov 20, 2015
Stuart Cohen reflects on his recent three-month sabbatical awarded to him by the O2 Initiatives Sabbatical Award.Read more >
Nov 19, 2015
Fellow Judith Rubin wrote this article in 2003, but it still holds today. Feel free to use the "Writing a Gift Letter" sidebar at the bottom of the article to encourage your own relatives and friends to rethink their giving habits.Read more >
Nov 19, 2015
As we enter the holiday season, Fellow Alicia Daniel offers a checklist for Earth-friendly toy buying.Read more >
Nov 17, 2015
The annual fall Switzer Fellows retreats concluded in early October and were enriching experiences for the new 2015 Fellows and alumni who participated. We are pleased that the ongoing relationship with Rockwood Leadership Institute continues to attract Fellow alums to the retreats, enhancing the...Read more >
Nov 17, 2015
For the last few years, the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) , which is the national affinity group for environmental funders, has opened some of its funder-only gatherings to Switzer Fellows. Our partnership with EGA has evolved as we seek to offer new kinds of professional development...Read more >
Nov 11, 2015
As the management adage goes, "you can't manage what you can't measure." At Yale's Environmental Performance Index they are all about integrating data and indicators into environmental policy and decision-making. This summer, Ariana Spawn was fortunate to receive an on-the-ground lesson in how the United States government is putting this concept into practice for ocean and coastal management.Read more >


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