Foundation News Archives: June 2016

Jun 6, 2016
The fact is, international law, especially law based on consensus, moves at a snail’s pace. But it is moving. Adopting the world’s largest MPA in international waters is no small feat and doing it right takes time. Even adopting and implementing MPAs in national waters can take years.Read more >
Jun 1, 2016
Fellow Shaye Wolf asks why California regulators are letting oil companies increase quake risks by drilling injection wells near faults across the state?Read more >
Jun 1, 2016
The realities of climate change are literally sinking in with weekly images of flooding, discussions of the next big storm or sophisticated maps outlining the new edges of the coast. Climate change is happening and its impacts could be devastating. But even with sobering stories about warmer waters and rising seas, we should not be paralyzed or abandon our current course of action for the Chesapeake Bay.Read more >


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