Past Events

February 13, 2012 (All day) - February 15, 2012 (All day)
Miami, FL
February 8, 2012 (All day)
University of California, Berkeley
Adapt, Flee, or Perish; Responses to Climate Change for California's Water Sector The talk will present: 1) the challenges posed by climate change...Read more >
February 7, 2012 (All day)
IBS 155A, University of Colorado at Boulder
This paper explores the environmental justice (EJ) implications from solar energy manufacturing, deployment, and end-of-life. Photovoltaic (PV)...Read more >
February 2, 2012 (All day) - February 4, 2012 (All day)
San Diego, CA
January 30, 2012 (All day)
online webinar
A Leadership Learning Agenda is a written outline of your future vision, with goals and strategies to achieve that vision. Preparing a written...Read more >
January 19, 2012 (All day) - January 21, 2012 (All day)
Washington, DC
January 19, 2012 (All day)
online webinar
As Senior Energy Analyst for the Union of Concerned Scientists, Switzer Fellow Laura Wisland played an important role in the passage of California's...Read more >
January 18, 2012 (All day) - January 20, 2012 (All day)
Washington, DC
Over the course of three days, 1,200 leaders from the scientific, diplomatic, development, conservation, business, education, military, and other...Read more >
January 11, 2012 (All day) - January 13, 2012 (All day)
Phoenix Park Hotel, Washington, D.C.
The Switzer Foundation is working with colleagues from the David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship Program to offer a training opportunity in...Read more >
January 11, 2012 (All day)
1 - 2 p.m. Eastern / 10 - 11 a.m. Pacific
Walkable, transit-oriented communities are seen as an antidote to unfettered sprawl. But outdated city codes vastly overestimate how much people...Read more >


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