New International Rivers guides on rivers and climate resilience, integrated energy resource planning

Posted by Dipti Vaghela on Tuesday, November 19 2013

I am excited to announce that this week, International Rivers published a new report titled An Introduction to Integrated Resources Planning. The report, written by 1999 Fellow Chris Greacen, Chom Greacen, David von Hippel, and David Bill, demonstrates the benefits of a comprehensive approach to energy planning. It aims to help citizens engage with their government over long-term energy planning in order to promote the kind of energy future that will benefit society as a whole. Integrated Resource Planning, or IRP, has a strong track record of creating energy options that are low-cost and low-risk with outcomes that minimize environmental and social impacts.

In addition, International Rivers is scoping the possibility of offering regional trainings in 2014 using a package of guides that include both this report as well as two other guides – The Civil Society Guide to Healthy Rivers and Climate Resilience, released on November 4th, and a forthcoming NGO Guide to Dam Standards that will be published in December. Please contact Zachary Hurwitz at or Dipti Vaghela at to let us know if you would be interested in having a training for your community.

Feel free to share the report with your colleagues, and please send us any feedback that you may have.  You can also leave a comment below!

For a sustainable energy future,
Dipti Vaghela

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