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Posted by Mike Antos on Monday, November 18 2013


Mike Antos

About a month back I asked the Fellows list to recommend facilitation and conflict resolution training.  I had just come back from the US EPA Green Infrastructure Summit in Syracuse, NY, where I had seen a facilitator do a truly amazing job.  The summit included about 40-50 delegates seated around a square table, and the facilitator roaming the middle ground, passing the mic and moving the conversation around.  It was a really strong event, and the facilitator played no small part in its success.

The response from the Switzer Fellowship was overwhelming, with at least 23 fellows giving me suggestions.  I say “at least” because some of you forwarded me out of the network to others, so I lost track in the end how many people weighed in.

Below is a list of what people suggested.  In general, CONCUR, Inc. with Scott McCreary was the most often suggested resource.  Scott joined the conversation at one point, sharing some upcoming training events.

I am not sure how or when I will take advantage of this great wealth of information, but I hope this collection becomes valuable for others as well.  A personal thanks to all of you for helping me out!

National Organizations:

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation - (Pennsylvania)
A membership organization, runs conferences, training conference calls, has extensive online resource page.
link          training schedule

Interaction Institution for Social Change - (Massachusetts)
Trainings offered in cities across the US.
link          training schedule

U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution - (Arizona)
The Udall Foundation, created by Congress in 1992, runs the Institute.
link          training schedule

California Organizations:

CONCUR, Inc. - (Berkeley)
This organization was recommended at least eight times.  Scott McCreary was called out by several fellows, and joined the thread by providing links to his training schedule.
link          training schedule

California Department of Consumer Affairs, Local Mediation Programs - (Sacramento)
Links Page

Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center - (San Mateo)
Their mission is to foster collaborative engagement by bringing people together, facilitating conversation and building these skills in our community.
link          training schedule

Common Ground - Collaboration Center (UC Davis Extension) - (Davis)
Rigorous classes offered in Davis / Sacramento, over long periods.  I didnt see one-time courses in my searching.
link          training schedule

Center for Collaborative Policy (CSU Sacramento) - (Sacramento)
Academic offerings for students, and client-based work from staff.  Good resources page, but apparently no one-time trainings.

Humboldt Mediation Services - (Eureka)
Since 1983, NGO training volunteers in conflict management.  Website looks infrequently updated.  No explicit environmental or governance role.
link          training schedule

Social Transformation Project - (Oakland)
Good resources and language, they seem to do in-service training for those already trained as organizational transformation consultants, with high-level week-long classes
link          training schedule

Loyola Law School Conflict Resolution Center - (Los Angeles)
Center provides classes for the community as well as their students
link          training schedule

Seeds Community Resolution Center - (Berkeley)
link          training schedule

Community at Work - (San Francisco)
link          training schedule

Other Organizations:

Nelson Facilitation Services - link

Human Wildlife Conflict Collaboration - link

Community Boards - link

CDR Associates - link

Center for Mediation, Key Bridge Foundation - link

International Association for Public Participation - link

Corporation for Positive Change - link

Yarbrough Group - link


Steve Zuieback - link

Mary Madison Campbell  - link

Jim Nelson - link

Julian Griggs - link


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