Climate Change
Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Climate change

Climate change is affecting every aspect of policy and planning in the United States and abroad.  Switzer Fellows work in every area of the field and bring an indisciplinary approach to solutions that is unique and necessary in solving this immense crisis.

Spotlight on Leadership

The secret to saving the world: How ordinary people actually can prevent global disaster

The realization that individual action has little to no impact on major environmental problems — to say nothing of the existential threat of climate change — can prompt despair, 1995 Fellow Paul Steinberg, a professor of political science and environmental policy at Harvey Mudd College, says. But it doesn’t have to. We could try, instead, consulting social scientists, who have spent a lot of time thinking about just this problem: How can a single individual can act in a way that effects large-scale change?Read more >

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