Alicia Harley

Alicia Harley


I am a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Sustainability Science Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a lecturer in Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard College. I received my PhD in Public Policy from Harvard University in 2018.

I study the role of institutions (rules, norms, culture and beliefs) in shaping development pathways in the Anthropocene System and how actors can reorient institutions to meet sustainable development goals. I am particularly interested in the consequences of inequality and maldistributions of power on development pathways. My empirical work focuses on agriculture and food systems, specifically why the poorest farmers often fail to benefit from development programs and agricultural technologies. Practically, I hope my work will contribute to more equitable access to resources and the fruits of technological innovation.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
Harvard University, PhD
Current Position:
Postdoctoral Fellow Sustainability Science Program
Harvard Kennedy School
Environmental Policy & Law
International Conservation & Development
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Policy
Water Resources
Currently Working On:
My current research focuses on the role of inequality and maldistributions of power in shaping nature-society development pathways in coal country Appalachia.
79 JFK St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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