Jeremy Hays


Jeremy Hays is the executive director of Green For All, a national nonprofit dedicated to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Jeremy was a founding staff member at Green For All in 2008. As Field Director, he helped propel Green For All from a start-up nonprofit into a national force for change. Later, as Chief Strategist for State and Local Initiatives, Jeremy led the organization’s focus on the development, implementation, and replication of green economic and workforce development models. During his tenure at Green For All, Jeremy has designed and led Green For All’s Communities of Practice, Fellowship, and Business Engagement programs, as well as successful initiatives to expand energy efficiency, create pathways out of poverty, promote clean water, encourage high road employment, and build green infrastructure.
Prior to joining in Green For All in 2008, Jeremy served as the National Organizing Director at the Apollo Alliance, where he helped coalitions of environmentalists, labor unions, civil rights groups, and businesses advocate for good jobs and clean energy. Jeremy has broad experience bringing together diverse stakeholders to address poverty, environmental issues, and economic development. He has worked as program director for Urban Strategies Council, in Oakland, California, as a project manager for the Governor’s Oregon Solutions program, and as a policy researcher for the Assistant Secretary of Environmental Justice at Cal/EPA. He has master’s degrees in City Planning and in International Development from the University of California, Berkeley.

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University of California Berkeley, MS
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Green for All
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Environmental Policy & Law
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