Chris Wilcox


Chris is a senior research scientist in the Pelagic Fisheries and Ecosystem Unit with CSIRO Marine Research, Australia’s governmental research agency. Much of his research focuses on the dynamics of declining species, and particularly in expanding the focus of conservation studies to include interactions with other species, including human resource users. More recently his research has focused on fisheries and marine resource management. With the expanding focus on sustainable use and its application to fisheries policies, there are many issues that cross over the traditional divide between conservation biology and fisheries management.

Chris’ research addresses these issues using an integrated approach that combines modeling, empirical investigations, and analysis of historical data. In this framework, Dr. Wilcox stimulates new modeling approaches, leading to a more complete solution for the conservation problem at hand and deeper understanding of the system.
Much of his work strives to integrate economics and ecological dynamics to look for solutions that allow limited resource extraction that is both economically efficient and ecologically sustainable in the long term.

He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Rosmary and two kids Keenan and Ava. Chris paddles to work.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
UC Davis, Ph.D.
Current Position:
Senior Research Scientist
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
Coastal & Marine Issues
Natural Resource Management

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