Genie Bey

Eugenia Bey


Genie Bey is a Master's candidate and the Graduate Research Fellow in the College of Liberal Arts at California State University in Long Beach, CA, where she studies human-environmental geography. Genie is passionate about climate adaptation and resilience planning using ecosystem-based solutions such as green infrastructure. Her work focuses on communicating climate-related risks to educate and empower vulnerable populations, and finding ecologically and culturally appropriate community-based solutions for the challenges that lie ahead. Prior to her studies at CSULB, Genie engaged communities in Salt Lake City, UT in renewable energy initiatives by helping to decrease residential dependency on fossil fuels through her work as an Outreach Associate at 3Degrees Inc. Before this, she worked as the Sustainability Ambassador and Materials Research Associate leading the design of a large-scale green infrastructure project hosted by the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning for the Marriott Library.

Genie graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, and B.S. in Urban Ecology, where she was dedicated to enriching the lives of her peers on campus by directing and participating in multiple student groups, including the Sustainability Leadership Committee and the Student Collective of Allied Planners and Ecologists. She has volunteered with a variety of urban agriculture and environmental justice non-profit organizations. Her most recent work focuses on helping to establish Long Beach, CA as one of the California Environmental Justice Alliance's "Green Zone" cities. After the culmination of her graduate studies, Genie looks forward to directing a non-profit organization that focuses on strategic conservation planning and community resilience building through green infrastructure education and implementation.

Fellow at a Glance

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CSU Long Beach, MA
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MA Candidate
California State University Long Beach
Architecture & Urban Planning
Energy & Climate Change
Environmental Justice

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