Tamara Marcus

Tamara Marcus


Tamara is a graduate student in the Natural Resources and Earth System Sciences Ph.D. program at the University of New Hampshire. Her research interests include using bioinformatic techniques to understand the impact of warming on microbial mediation of carbon emissions from Arctic lakes. Additionally, she studies how indigenous communities access weather and climate data to better understand how to make results from climate research more accessible and applicable to individuals and communities. Using a combination of survey data and storytelling, she works with Sami communities and indigenous Australians to record environmental change observed by the traditional owners of the land. Through this work she hopes to promote collaborative development of conservation policy by both scientists and indigenous communities. Previously, she has worked with non-profits and local governments in the Indian Himalaya to translate results of her research into local environmental policy. Ms. Marcus has been a Fulbright-Nehru fellow, a NASA New Hampshire Space Grant fellow, and a National Center for Atmospheric Research fellow and completed her B.S. in biochemistry and English from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
University of New Hampshire, PhD
Current Position:
PhD Candidate
Natural Resource Management
2360 Towne House Dr. NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

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