Teresa Michelsen


Dr. Michelsen is an environmental scientist specializing in the development of sediment and tissue quality guidelines, geochemistry, sediment cleanup and source control, and the development of regulatory programs. She has provided technical assistance and oversight of investigations and cleanups at more than 70 contaminated sediment sites in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, in addition to developing technical guidance for federal and state agencies on investigation and cleanup of contaminated aquatic areas. Dr. Michelsen is the founder and principal of Avocet Consulting, and provides consulting services in the areas of aquatic site investigation and cleanup, regulatory development, expert witness and consulting services, training, and facilitation.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
Current Position:
Environmental Consultant
Avocet Consulting
Coastal & Marine Issues
Engineering, Chemistry, Toxicology
Environmental Policy & Law
Currently Working On:
Sediment Cleanup Standards/Aquatic Cleanup Programs and Guidance
2611 17th Ave NW
Olympia, Washington 98502
(360) 628-8339

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