Caroline Howe

Caroline Howe


Caroline works with communities to address local environmental and social challenges through interventions that combine technology, social enterprise, and education. Working both in urban and rural areas, internationally and in her own backyard, Caroline addresses challenges of energy efficiency, livelihood creation, water quality, and waste management that affect many types of communities. Passionate about climate change's impacts on the most vulnerable, Caroline has worked on environmental issues in the Philippines, South Africa, Nepal, Vietnam, Honduras and Nicaragua, and lived for four years in India working with major companies, environmental non-profits, community groups, and the Indian Youth Climate Network. Now, Caroline is based in Massachusetts, where she is studying in MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning. There, she works on community-based environmental initiatives and social enterprise, particularly focusing on projects in India and Nicaragua building community-owned waste-based businesses, tackling pollution and job creation.

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Fellows in the News | Dec 6, 2014

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Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
MIT, Masters of City Planning
Current Position:
Civic Consumption Senior Fellow
Architecture & Urban Planning
Energy & Climate Change
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Policy
PO Box 647
Durham, CT 06422

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