Alicia Daniel

Alicia Daniel


Walking through the forest without knowing how to read the landscape is like walking through a library without knowing how to read a book. Places record their histories in rock formations and soil horizons, in tree rings and cut stumps, in stonewalls and cellar holes, deer browse and beaver chew. For the past 25 years, Alicia Daniel has guided University of Vermont Field Naturalists and undergraduate students as they solve forest mysteries. Student record their findings in maps, field notes and sketches. Forest ecologist Tom Wessels wrote, “To develop intimacy with people it is necessary to understand their history; the same holds true for developing an intimate relationship with place.” Through her teaching Alicia helps students cultivate an intimate understanding of the natural world. In addition to her teaching job at UVM, Alicia works as a Field Naturalist assisting the City of Burlington with conservation education, land acquisition, reforestation and managing forested parks for wildlife and plant diversity.

Fellow Activity

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Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
University of Vermont, MS
Current Position:
Associate Professor in the Field Naturalist Program
University of Vermont/City of Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront
Conservation Science & Biology
Land, Open Space, Smart Growth
Currently Working On:
Updating wildlife movement in the City of Burlington through a city-wide tracking project
67 Caroline Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401
(802) 862-4734

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