Bev Craig


Beverly Craig, LEED AP, manages the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Low and Moderate Income programs including the Low Income Challenge Program and the Affordable Clean Residential Energy Program (which pairs installation of Air Source Heat Pumps with Solar PV in low income households). She has recently launched a program to incentivize MA affordable housing to build to Passive House standards. Ms. Craig comes from a background in implementing energy efficiency and renewables installation at non-profit Homeowner’s Rehab Inc. which has reduced its affordable housing portfolio’s carbon footprint by 22%. Ms. Craig holds a BA from the University of Southern California and an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.Beverly formerly worked as an energy planner at Homeowner's Rehab Inc.(HRI), an owner and developer of affordable housing in Cambridge, MA. Beverly monitored the utility usage of HRI's portfolio of 1200 apartments in 73 buildings to benchmark and track energy and water hog buildings. Beverly has managed installation of seven solar installations at HRI's properties and monitors the savings generated.
She has experience with the EPA's Design for the Environmental Program assisting small businesses like dry cleaners and printers in implementing pollution prevention. She interned with the City of Los Angeles Office of Integrated Solid Waste, the Sierra Club for New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg. Beverly established USC's campus recycling program and helped set up USC's Environmental Studies Program. She is interested in partnerships between business and nonprofits. Beverly spent five years working for the City of Milwaukee assisting with brownfield redevelopment projects. With her assistance Milwaukee was able to secure $17 million of state and federal brownfield grants. She was involved in over 26 brownfield redevelopment projects in Milwaukee.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
Harvard University - JFK School of Government, MA
Current Position:
Senior Project Manager- Low and Moderate Income Programs
Architecture & Urban Planning
Business & Finance
Energy & Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Land, Open Space, Smart Growth
Currently Working On:
Low and Moderate Income Programs
9 Arlington St. #2
Newton, Massachusetts 02458
(617) 868-4858 x213

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