Bruni Pizarro

Brunilda Pizarro


Brunilda Pizarro is a food systems researcher and advocate for social justice. She is a Master's degree candidate in Environmental Science at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Through coalition building and institutional partnerships, she hopes to bring a cultural, social and political dimension to alleviate food insecurity. Her research engages communities of color and grassroots organizations to understand American urban inequality in the food system. By examining the local food environment through the lens of the underserved, Brunilda believes her work can shed light on the mechanisms by which neighborhood environments affect food access and health. Prior to Yale, she worked as a Research Assistant on an ethnobotanical study at the New York Botanical Garden where she focused on the cultural knowledge of medicinal plants of Latinx and Caribbean communities in New York City. Through her research and advocacy, Brunilda hopes to break the cycle of food insecurity and begin to reframe environmental discourse in urban communities.

Fellow Activity

Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership | May 29, 2018

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Yale University, MESc
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Masters candidate
Yale University
Environmental & Public Health
Environmental Justice
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Policy

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