Drew Conroy

Andrew Conroy


Drew is a Professor of Applied Animal Science at the Thompson School at the University of New Hampshire, where he teaches students in Dairy Farm Management, Sustainable Agriculture and Pre-Veterinary Medicine. In 2011 he received a teaching excellence award, and in the same year the UNH Alumni Association's Excellence in Public Service Award. Drew has worked since 1992 with International NGO's, training people from all over the nation and the world in how to better utilize draft animals in agriculture. This past hobby has moved to the forefront of his career as he pursued graduate work integrating his experience in agriculture with his interests in draft animals and their impact on the agricultural development in the third world. Drew has worked for over 17 years in and out of Eastern and Southern Africa. He has written three books and nearly 100 articles for both scholarly journals and the popular press, produced five educational videos, appeared in two major motion pictures, and consulted on television documentaries. He spent a year in Namibia as a Fulbright Scholar in 2008, teaching college-level courses, researching the effects of drought on livestock, studying an animal control fence along the Angola border, and exploring the economics of draft animal power. In addition to his professional and academic interests, Drew and his wife maintain a small farm in Berwick, Maine with their two sons. The focus of their operation is maintaining and conserving Rare Breeds of Livestock.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
University of New Hampshire, Ph.D.
Current Position:
Professor of Applied Animal Science at Thompson School
University of New Hampshire
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Policy
Currently Working On:
Teaching Agriculture Courses, Working with NGO's in Africa, Conducting Research on Land Use Change, and wildlife-agriculture conflicts in Africa
22 Little River Rd.
Berwick, Maine 03901

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