Drew Jones


Drew Jones is Co-Director of Climate Interactive, a Washington DC-based “think and do tank” that creates policy-maker-oriented simulations for top leaders and civil society.

Trained in system dynamics modeling at Dartmouth College and MIT, Jones has worked at Rocky Mountain Institute and served dozens of clients ranging from the CDC to Harley Davidson to the U.S. Government Climate Change Negotiators.

He and his team at CI and MIT Sloan developed “C-ROADS”, the user-friendly climate simulation in use by the U.S. State Department’s Jonathan Pershing, John Holdren in the White House, Senator John Kerry, and the analysts for the Chinese Government.

He co-accepted the 'ASysT Prize' for “a significant accomplishment achieved through the application of systems thinking to a problem of U.S. national significance.'

He teaches System Dynamics at the UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan Flagler Business School.

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