Ellen Mallory


Ellen Mallory is Associate Professor and Sustainable Agriculture Extension Specialist with the University of Maine. Her work focuses on biologically-based soil fertility systems and climate variability impacts and adaptation for small grain and vegetable production. Ellen leads "field to table" research and outreach programs involving farmers, processors (millers/maltsters), end users (bakers/brewers/consumers) and other researchers to advance local grain economies. She also offers multi-year trainings for agriculture professionals in sustainable agriculture topics (currently soil health and cover crops). Ellen was a Switzer Fellow in 20052006. Her Ph.D. research at the University of Maine focused on how farm use of manure and compost, versus inorganic fertilizers, affects soil quality, alters nutrient cycling, and potentially reduces nitrogen loss to the environment. Ellen came to her Ph.D. program with 15 years of experience in agricultural research and education, including work in West Africa with the Peace Corps and in Central America with Volunteers in Oversees Cooperative Assistance. She is the lead author of an award-winning series of 16 case studies of accomplished no-till growers in the Pacific Northwest that are being used to foster the adoption of soil conservation farming practices.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
University of Maine at Orono, Ph.D.
Current Position:
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist of Sustainable Agriculture
University of Maine
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Policy
7 Mountainview Drive
Orono, Maine 04473
(207) 581-2942

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