Glenn Yeck

Glenn Yeck


After serving as a Naval Intelligence Officer in counterdrug and counterterrorism operations, Glenn’s passion for the environment led him into wildlife law enforcement, intent on interdicting the black market trade in endangered species. As a marine patrol officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, he enforced hunting, fishing, boating, and natural resource laws in the Florida Keys, Everglades, and Biscayne Bay. At the UCLA School of Law, Glenn was active with the Animal Law and Veterans Law Societies, and interned with the Department of Justice’s Wildlife and Marine Resources Section and in the Environmental Crimes Sections of the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, LA County District Attorney, and the LA US Attorney's Office. Glenn believes that biodiversity conservation requires an interdisciplinary approach which incorporates public education, demand reduction, law enforcement, an effective judicial system, corruption deterrence, and responsible economic growth. He intends to prosecute wildlife crime and dismantle underworld animal trafficking syndicates, and now works with the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Office of Law Enforcement. He is still a drilling Reservist and has served as the US Naval Attaché to several Gulf of Guinea countries, facilitating partner nations' interdiction of weapons and human trafficking, high seas piracy, and fisheries poaching. Long term, he would like to influence public policy by authoring stricter wildlife law violation penalties, and facilitate capacity building programs in developing nations by amplifying the efficacy of rangers, magistrates, and public prosecutors. He relishes free time to paint and donate conservation art work through

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Grant Outcomes | Apr 1, 2012

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Law Enforcement/Criminal Investigator
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Environmental Policy & Law
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Wildlife law enforcement.
POB 403373
Miami Beach, Florida 33140

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