Jeanne Anderson


Jeanne is doing post-doctoral work with the Complex Systems Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. She is interested in applications of remote sensing to questions in conservation biology and ecology. Her research will look at the capability of an airborne remote sensor, generally known as lidar or laser altimetry, to accurately depict and reveal differences in forest structure across the landscape and relate those differences to land-use legacies, ecological function, and biological diversity. Lidar is an innovative approach to measuring vertical and volumetric profiles of forest vegetation remotely. She would like to use this technology to assess the variation in structural complexity of forests on a landscape scale and apply such information to conservation planning for large forested systems. Jeanne has worked as the Director of Ecological Management for the Massachusetts Audubon Society and as the Director of Science and Stewardship for the New Hampshire Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. She has contributed to recent statewide assessments of biological diversity in both Massachusetts (2001) and New Hampshire (1998). She holds a Masters in Forest Science from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She was presented with the Massachusetts State Award from the New England Wild Flower Society in 1997. She was a NASA Earth Systems Science Fellow from 2003-2006.

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Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
University of New Hampshire, Ph.D.
Current Position:
Research Scientist
Conservation Science & Biology
Natural Resource Management
15 Jackson Way
Newbury, Massachusetts 01951-2114

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