Jennifer Bowen


Jennifer completed her PhD in Biology at Boston University on Jan. 2005, with an emphasis on marine ecology. After completing her PhD she received an NSF postdoctoral fellowship in Microbial Biology in which she focused on understanding how increasing nitrogen supply altered the structure and function of salt marsh sediment microbial communities. Upon completion of this fellowship she took a position as a teaching fellow at Princeton University where she focused on teaching science to non-science majors and did research exploring how ocean acidification will alter microbial community function. In 2010 Jennifer began a tenure-track faculty position at U Mass Boston where her research program focused on urban ecology and the role that urbanization plays on natural systems. Now at Northeastern University in Boston, her work runs the gamut from modeling how changing land use on watersheds alters the geochemistry of receiving waters to understanding how climate change and nutrient enrichment alters the structure and function of microbial communities. If you are interested in graduate work with Jennifer please do not hesitate to contact her directly.

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Academic Background:
Boston University Marine Program, PhD
Current Position:
Associate Professor
Northeastern University
Coastal & Marine Issues
Conservation Science & Biology
Water Resources

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