Jeremy Poindexter

Jeremy Poindexter


Jeremy Poindexter is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who works on photovoltaic solar cells, with a focus on low-cost and scalable thin-film materials. He studies how defects, particularly impurities, affect solar cell performance through intentional contamination experiments as well as measurements of material properties, particularly photoluminescence. His passion for working on energy and sustainability began while obtaining his B.S. studying mechanical engineering and materials science at Yale University and continued as he fabricated silicon microwire solar cells as a Research Engineer at start-up solar company Caelux Corp.

To help bolster broader sustainability efforts at MIT, Jeremy is working with faculty, staff, and students to help design a "solar test bed" facility to improve the visibility of solar on campus and provide a location for solar researchers to perform lifetime testing of their devices under real-world weather conditions. He is also involved in climate activism through Fossil Free MIT. He hopes that his research, alongside these activities, will help to lower both the technological and sociopolitical barriers to addressing climate change.

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Energy & Climate Change
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