Josh Greene

Josh Greene


Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Josh studied Architecture at Arizona State University which laid a foundation of utilizing local materials, and imprinted the importance of designing for social impact. In 2017, Josh joined MASS Design Group in Kigali, Rwanda as a Global Health Corps Fellow and designer. For three years he and his teammates designed and built an agricultural university in the Eastern Province of Rwanda with a mission of training the next generation of leaders in conservation agriculture. Familiar with hot and arid climates, Josh leveraged his skillset to design multiple off-grid earthen structures that celebrated agricultural products as building materials. 96% of the project is sourced from within Rwanda, and Josh helped establish a methodology to track the project's embodied carbon throughout the design process. He has recently returned to the United States in order to pursue his graduate studies at the Yale School of Architecture, where he focuses on the intersection between architecture, environmental stewardship, and racial justice. 

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
Yale University, M. Arch
Current Position:
Masters Candidate
Yale University
Architecture & Urban Planning
Environmental Justice

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