Karleen Boyle Sudol


Karleen graduated from UCLA with a BA in English and a PhD in biology with an emphasis in marine ecology. Karleen's research focused on human impacts in the marine environment. Her dissertation investigated nutrient cycling and the effects of eutrophication on macroalgal blooms in a southern California estuary. She also assessed the impacts of air pollution from jet engines in wetland habitats near airports. This research quantified particulate emissions and the associated heavy metals near runways and modeled the fate and effects of these pollutants in wetland microcosms. In her work, Karleen strives to bridge the gap between 'pure' and applied science and to conduct and apply research that will lead to strategies for reducing pollution and reclaiming damaged areas. Karleen is an independent environmental consultant specializing in wetland and marine mitigation and restoration

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Coastal & Marine Issues
Natural Resource Management
8007 Pyracantha Ct.
Springfield, Virginia 22153

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