Marijke Bekken


Marijke's dissertation developed a market-based control plan for locomotives. She was the lead staff developing the 1998 Memorandum of Understanding wherein southern California railroads committed to using only the cleanest locomotives in the South Coast Air Basin. She has completed projects relating to electric vehicle battery recycling, pleasure craft, heavy duty diesel engines, industrial equipment. Marijke was lead staff on the Cool Cars effort, requiring solar management glazing for automobiles, with the goal of reducing interior temperatures, and thereby air conditioner fuel use. The Cool Cars program was integrated into ARB's LEV3 regulations. Marijke recently completed two assessments for advanced technologies in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, focussing on battery electric and fuel cell electric vhicles. Marijke continues to work for the California Air Resources Board's Emission Research and Regulatory Development Branch. Marijke and her family have well over 250,000 electric vehicle miles accumulated on the 4 electric vehicles they've been driving almost exclusively since 1993, all recharged using solar power.

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Staff Air Pollution Specialist
California Air Resources Board
Air Quality
Environmental & Public Health
9528 Telstar Ave.
El Monte, California 91731
(775) 762-1771

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