Mia Karisa Dawson

Mia Dawson


Mia Karisa Dawson is a geographer and organizer with eyes only for liberation. They ground their work in a lineage of abolition, black & trans insurrection, and Marxism.

Mia is an organizer with Sacramento for Black Lives and Still Here: Alliance for Trans Rights, and a Ph.D. student in the Geography Graduate Group at the University of California, Davis with a designated emphasis in African American Studies. Their work as an organizer, researcher, and educator, is trauma-informed and spiritually grounded. Their human geographic approach is in conversation with black, queer, & feminist studies, science & technology studies, and ecology.

Mia earned their BA from Oberlin College where they studied biology and geology. After graduating, they worked with the Bureau of Land Management in El Dorado Hills, CA, on Seeds of Success, a nationwide native plant restoration program. Their love for maps and places and their hunger for justice led them to pursue graduate study in human geography. As writer and teacher, they aim to foster and celebrate black, queer, and trans space while defying disciplines, smashing respectability politics, and transcending borders.

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University of California Davis, MA
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PhD Student
University of California Davis
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