Nicole Heller

Nicole Heller


Nicole Heller's ecological research explores the effects of global change on ecosystems and communities, with a speciality on ant behavior and invasive species. Her conservation work is focused on devising and implementing novel strategies for biodiversity management that will serve to better protect species and also promote urban sustainability in the face of social and environmental change. She is currently working with Pepperwood Preserve as the Adaptation Coordinator for the Terrestrial Biodiversity and Climate Change Collaborative ( in the San Francisco Region. The collaborative is linking state of the art climate science with land and water management practice. Nicole has been researching, teaching and publishing about climate change adaptation and global change ecology since 2006. From 2011 - 2013, she served as faculty at the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University. Prior to Duke she worked for four years at Climate Central as a staff scientist. She also is engaged in a number of science-art collaborations supported through Invoking the Pause ( Prior to her graduate work at Stanford, Nicole worked with Environmental Defense, The Gorilla Foundation, National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy. She has written about environmental issues for popular culture magazines and blog sites, such as Speak, Politico, and Climate Central.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
Stanford University, Ph.D.
Current Position:
Director of Conservation Science
Peninsula Open Space Trust
Conservation Science & Biology
Energy & Climate Change
Natural Resource Management

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