Ryan Carle

Ryan Carle


Ryan’s interest is in coupling applied ecology and habitat restoration to create effective management for threatened species and ecosystems. He works as an ecologist and project leader for the environmental non-profit Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge on conservation of seabirds and their island habitat in California (Año Nuevo Island) and Chile (Juan Fernández Islands and Isla Mocha), and conservation research on Wilson's and red-necked phalaropes at Mono Lake, California. His work involves studying seabird ecology and collaborating with artists, designers, and scientists to create innovative solutions for seabird habitat restoration and conservation. Ryan also is a lecturer with the Environmental Studies department at University of California, Santa Cruz, where he teaches Natural History Field Quarter and other natural history courses. Ryan has worked with a variety of organizations, including the Mono Lake Committee, the International Crane Foundation, Point Reyes Bird Observatory, California State Parks, and Friends of the Inyo. Ryan received a Switzer Leadership Development grant in 2014 to work with Oikonos on Pink-footed Shearwater conservation projects in Chile.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
Moss Landing Marine Labs, San Jose State University, MS
Current Position:
Conservation Coordinator (Oikonos); Lecturer (UC Santa Cruz)
Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge; UC Santa Cruz
Coastal & Marine Issues
Conservation Science & Biology
Environmental Education
International Conservation & Development
Natural Resource Management
Currently Working On:
seabird conservation in Chile; seabird habitat restoration in California; research on phalaropes at Mono Lake, CA; teaching natural history at UC Santa Cruz

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