Sarah Kapnick


Dr. Kapnick's research focuses on the mechanisms controlling extreme storms and mountain snowpack. Her work answers questions about extreme weather events and deviations in the climate system, which can result in mitigable disruptions, and thus are paramount to resource planning and development. Dr. Kapnick’s research utilizes “big data” from both observations and models, to shed light on how the climate system has varied in the past, and what we might expect in the future. Her work has been published in academic journals and government reports and has been featured in media outlets such as The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, and Refinery29. Dr. Kapnick received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Princeton University and her Ph.D. from UCLA’s Department in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Previously, she was an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Fellow Activity

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Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
University of California - Los Angeles, PhD
Current Position:
Chief Scientist
Energy & Climate Change
Water Resources
Currently Working On:
Hydroclimate Variability
201 Forrestal Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

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