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    Did a Switzer Fellow just save the Tour de France?

    Andrew Cohen has serious concerns about false positive test results with COVID-19. Organizers took him seriously enough to change their procedures.

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    New fellows' collaborate on op-ed

    New fellows Christina De Jesús Villanueva and Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz recently collaborated on an op-ed that resulted in a reported piece on iguanas in agriculture.

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  • Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    Any green new deal needs a splash of blue

    Angee Doerr recently published an article in Conservation Letters arguing for an integrated policy framework.

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Leadership Story

Nigel Golden presented the 2020 Ambrose Jearld Jr. Lecture on Diversity and Inclusion in July. His remarks focused on the importance of addressing the cultural and structural barriers to full participation by marginalized communities in STEM. Golden provided a framework for addressing the systemic issues that may explain and/or address those barriers.

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Sep 15, 2020
Under the hood, Facebook — the sixth most visited website, according to Alexa — is basically a bunch of data centers. Those data centers use up loads of energy, consuming up to 50 times the energy of...Read more >
Sep 15, 2020
This lecture by Linda Shi from September 10, 2020 explores whether it is possible to achieve both social justice and environmental sustainability in efforts to mitigate urban flood risk. The...Read more >
Sep 15, 2020
... More than 3 million acres have burned in California alone, with three of the five largest fires in state history still burning all at once , along with huge swaths of Oregon and Washington. Still...Read more >
Sep 10, 2020
Dr Andrew N. Cohen of the Center for Research on Aquatic Bioinvasions has been vocal in his criticism of ignoring the importance of false positives and the global strategy of diagnosing COVID-19 based on a single positive test in the absence of any symptoms. Now organizers of the Tour de France have taken his concerns seriously and changed the testing protocol for staff and riders at the event.Read more >

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