• In a time of hurricanes, we must talk about environmental conservation
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    In a time of hurricanes, we must talk about environmental conservtion

    Fellow Ayana Johnson makes the case for conservation in Scientific American

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  • In Everyone's Backyard
    Grant Outcomes

    In Everyone's Backyard

    Two Switzer Fellows assesed proximity of fracking to communities at-risk in West Virginia's Marcellus Shale.

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  • Harvey, Trump, and coastal flood protections
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    Harvey, Trump, and coastal flood protections

    Why would the new administration increase risks for coastal residents from future storms? Fellow Shaye Wolf has a disturbing answer.

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Leadership Story

Jisung Park: Making sense of climate costs

At a time when much attention is on rising sea levels and extreme weather events, Jisung Park eagerly took on the challenge of developing a greater understanding of the correlation between long-term economic vitality and rising temperatures due to global warming.

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Oct 18, 2017
Supposedly solitary pumas actually hang out with their fellow big cats quite often, frequently coming together and hissing and snarling before settling down to share a delicious elk carcass. That's...Read more >
Oct 13, 2017
Abstract The human aspects of conservation are often overlooked but will be critical for identifying strategies for biological conservation in the face of climate change. We surveyed the behavioral...Read more >
Oct 13, 2017
Abstract Freshwater biodiversity is imperiled across the globe, and multiple stressors such as habitat alteration, non-native species invasion, disease, and climate change can act in concert to...Read more >
Oct 13, 2017
The School of Architecture continues to build its Race and Gender in the Built Environment Initiative with new faculty appointments. Edna Ledesma will join the school as a fellow for the 2017-18...Read more >

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